Want to crack a competitive exam on the first attempt? Follow these  tricks

Students might envy those who are lucky enough to crack competitive exams on the first attempt. Well, it is okay to feel like that. But ever wonder what study strategy these students follow that makes them confident in clearing the exam? If you are not able to clear the exams in the first attempt then there might be some lacking in your study pattern that you need to discover yourself. 

Every student dreams to excel in the competitive exam on the first attempt but not everyone gets success in it. And because of this, you have to re-appear for the exam and pass it. But why need to go for a second attempt when you can clear in your first attempt? The point is you are unaware of the tricks that can help you achieve your goal. And today we are going to bring down those tricks in this blog. So stay abreast till the end. 

Tricks to Crack a competitive exam

Understanding the examination

This is the one basis key that most students overlook, unfortunately. Unless you get familiar with the main purpose and motive of the exam you won’t be able to know what expectations an exam-conducting body has from appearing candidates. So the best-suggested trick for you is to gulp down the entire syllabus which means making yourself equipped with in-depth knowledge of the subject. 

Don’t mug it up as it won’t going to help you at all. There is no alternative to hard work. This every student needs to understand it. What if you mug up certain topics that do not come in the exam? Of course, you will feel perplexed and a fear of failing will pop up in your mind. 

Hence, it is necessary to go through the whole syllabus. Moreover, it is recommended to have a quick glance over last year’s question papers. This will give you an idea about the possibility of questions that can reappear in the exams and the exam pattern also. You need to devote equal time to each subject. 

Make a time-table

Planning a Time-Table is a must need for every student. Those who follow this pattern have the maximum possibility of devoting equivalent time to all subjects. Targets that are set on time often lead to good results. But at the same time, we will also suggest you refrain from becoming overambitious when making a Time-Table. 

When you plan a Time-Table make sure it includes short intervals. This is because sitting for a long hour studying can be very exhausting and bad for your health. So do take a short coffee break in between. 

This will keep your body in movement and does not let you overstretch your time for study. It is very easy to brush up on your preparations for simple subjects, but it might take a lot of time for the complex ones. Hence, you must give more time to those subjects which are hard.

Students must not end up finishing the preparation. They need to give extra time for revision also. It helps in recalling what has been studied. This keeps you upgraded with what you have learned. One last suggestion is not to skip any of your hobbies from your study schedule. 

Don’t rely on memorizing, be clear on the concept

There are students who instead of having clarity on the concept, are busy in memorizing. This is a wrong approach that they need to drop. This is because if any student does not have a proper understanding of the basics, then he/she is unable to understand the depth of the subject which is most important. It is highly recommended that students must make short notes about the key concept so that they get time for revision before entering the exam room. 

Confidence is the key to success

Cracking a competitive exam is not an uphill task for a student depending if he follows the above-mentioned tricks. But what is more important is to have confidence in yourself that you can do it. If your preparation is good then you will clear the exam in a single attempt. 


So guys these are all the tricks that you need to apply if you want to crack a competitive exam on the first attempt. Browse the list of coaching centres in India and get yourself admission there. By taking classes you will get the concepts clear and can raise your doubts to the lecturer.

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