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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Metal Health

The exhaustion that comes with different phases in life can wear you down. One moment you are over the moon, hustling, and the next moment you no longer have the energy to carry on. Several individuals currently deal with stress, one of the biggest enemies of mental health.

Mental ailments can affect a person emotionally and physically. Thus, traditional Chinese medicine consultation aims to treat the entirety of an individual, i.e., the body and mind.

Deep Dive Into Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM, which stands for traditional Chinese medicine and may be commonly known as Han medicine, is alternative medicine comprising traditional knowledge of medicine in China. It has been around for around three thousand years. The practitioners of TCM employ physical and mental practices to heal health conditions. Additionally, TCM incorporates herbal products to treat specific problems.


This technique practitioners use to invigorate strategic points of your body. They insert needles in these points to carry out this process. Research indicates that stimulating specific points can help alleviate pain. Our body contains natural painkillers, and acupuncture helps release them and influences the part of the brain responsible for processing pain.

Chinese acupuncture Houston can help remedy various discomforts, often chronic. These include lower back pain, carpal tunnel, knee pain, and neck pain. Moreover, this practice may mitigate how regularly migraines or tension headaches occur.

Tai Chi

It is a combination of breathing, gentle motions, specific poses, relaxation, and mental focus. Older people can practice tai chi to cultivate steadiness and equilibrium. It can aid those with Parkinson’s disease and diminish osteoarthritis knee pain.

Individuals with back problems and fibromyalgia can also benefit from this practice. Tai chi also assists the well-being of individuals and brightens the mood of individuals suffering from heart failure.

Chinese Herbal Medicines

The herbal products in Chinese medicine help with various medical conditions. These encompass heart diseases, stroke, respiratory diseases, and mental illnesses.

Chinese Medicine for Mental Well Being

Regardless of the timeline of your life, every individual undergoes a stressful stage in life. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to deal with certain situations, which cultivates mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a supplementary resource for medicine, therapy, and diverse methods to cure patients.

According to the latest learnings, acupuncture offers effective treatment for mental disorders. Traditional Chinese medicine consultation provides a cure to analyze your problems and treat psychological distress while integrating Western Medicine. TCM is vast when it concerns caring for your mental condition.

The Acupuncturists fulfill the patient’s requirements by listening to their concerns. The treatments aim to make patients feel more relaxed than their present state.

Acupuncture Points to Treat Mental Health

The human body has points that can help cure psychological disorders. Some familiar acupuncture points include the Buddha’s Triangle and Shen Men. The Buddha’s Triangle is a combination of 3 acupuncture points present on your wrist, namely Lung 9,

Heart 7, and Pericardium 6. These acupuncture points can alleviate anxiety, despair, and stress.

The auricle’s triangular fossa presents the Shen Men acupuncture point, which aids in a deeper level of healing and ensures the patient feels calm. These points help activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It also lowers blood pressure and soothes the heart rate to cure stress.

Acupuncture for Depression & Anxiety

Neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine and serotonin, are closely linked to depression. Besides promoting a calm and relaxing state, Chinese acupuncture Houston results in the release of these neurotransmitters. Acupuncture may also help stimulate the release of your body’s natural opioids as it influences the sensory nerves. As a result, patients can be closer to their well-being.

For anxiety, acupuncture helps release neurotransmitters and endorphins to help you relax and lower stress. It alters the vegetative nervous system that partakes in stress response. The treatment helps treat anxiety from its root and ensures emotional equilibrium.


If you want to stay healthy, maintaining overall health is crucial. Your mental health influences your physical well-being.

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