Small Machine Shops What Advantages Do Small Shops Have? – Having your manufacturing needs met through a small shop has advantages because with lower overhead and more flexibility you may find that the shop can work with you on new design changes and adaptations. You can usually start with smaller orders and build trust slowly. You may end up with better one on one service.

What About Pricing? – In some ways, for larger volumes a small machine shop may cost more than a large one, but it depends on the types of machines the company has. There are small US shops that can provide quotes that are competitive with foreign quotes. Find out if there are ways to use different materials to save money on your job.

Who do Machine Shops Service? – Machining shops usually service any company or person who is in need of parts that can be made with their machines. Machine shops usually work creating metal based products, but can also work with wood and plastic.

Where Can I Find Machine Shops? – If you have a really small order or only need one part, you might want to start searching locally. You can look online through directories and lists. It may take many emails to different shops to find one that is willing to work with you and can meet your needs.

You can also attend local trade shows that are related to manufacturing in order to meet manufacturers that might meet your needs. Try talking to other people in the industry to see if they know of any local small machine shops that they would recommend contacting for a quote.

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