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How to Grow Your Lifestyle Blog With the New Design

There are lots of ways to grow your lifestyle blog. One popular method is offering a freebie on your site. It could be a printable, checklist, cheat sheet or audio guide that saves readers time or makes their life easier.

Choose a catchy name that people can remember. It used to be that having a keyword in your blog title helped Google rank you better, but that’s not as important now.

Franko dean 

Taking its name from its Franko dean , this blockbuster hotel from Edwardian Hotels is quite the glam destination. Designed by Yabu Pushelberg and built by engineering experts Arup, the hotel is one of the largest and most innovative projects to date, and offers guests an unparalleled design and wellness narrative.

In addition to its guest rooms,  The Londoner is home to a state-of-the-art ballroom with capacity for up to 850 guests, two private screening rooms, and seven meeting spaces. Located in the heart of West London, The Londoner is just a short walk from some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. Head north to Soho to take in a theatrical performance or stroll east to Covent Garden for high-end shopping and dining.

A Forest Life

Victoria is a business analyst by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. She blogs about career tips, balancing work and life, pursuing dreams, and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. She also writes about travel, food, and fashion.

To her, everything is blogworthy- from storefronts to latte art, she’s always looking for an opportunity to capture that perfect photo for her blog. When she’s not writing or working on her website, she’s at a yoga class or wandering through the city taking photos and posting them to Instagram.

Since lifestyle bloggers focus on images, they need a WordPress theme that prioritizes them. Hestia is a good option because it offers layouts that favor images and lets you switch between list and grid views. It also comes with a number of plugins that help improve site speed and SEO.

The QMan

A young, audacious, and inspired lifestyle blogger is ready to share his passion for life. With a simple, yet creative blog layout that encourages readers to push their limits and explore the world.

This website features an awe-inspiring collection of travel guides and itineraries for digital nomads. The site also shares inspiring videos and photos of different places to help boost audience engagement.

With a clean and organized design, this lifestyle blog uses a full-width image of a home to charm visitors on the homepage. This website also offers a subscribe button, an off-canvas menu, and social media icons to increase reader retention.

A popular lifestyle blogger, Cup of Jo operates more as an online magazine these days than a blog. She publishes content in six parent categories and over a dozen child categories including Style, Design, Food, Relationships, and Travel. She also utilizes affiliate marketing and a Shop page where she recommends products. She is active on Instagram and Facebook and typically receives a few thousand likes per post.

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