How playing is beneficial for cognitive development among kids

Parents must know that pressuring children to excel in academics is not the only criterion that determines their future. Moreover, they must be encouraged to engage in playtime activities in their primary stage which will work better in their cognitive development. By playing they come to know about forming conclusions, reasoning, developing innovative ideas, and learning patience. 

Every child passes through stages of development differently. During their early stages, they must be encouraged to hang around with other kids and enjoy their company. Today in this article we are going to brief you about what is cognitive development and it can be improved by allowing kids to play. 

Cognitive development: What do we mean by it?

Cognitive development can be understood as noticing a child’s capabilities, the way he thinks, and his style of reasoning. This growth in children varies from different ages and therefore it is the best time for parents and educators can spot the development of special skills and mental aspects. For better cognitive development in kids is very necessary to know about themselves and know about the feelings and perspectives of other people. It also helps a child in developing their views, know what is possible, and make comparisons and differences in ideas.

The environment in which a child grows defines much of his intellectual development, where language, thinking, and mental aptitude are also analyzed. This development also helps kids sharpen their focus on multiple things and how to think hypothetically which proves useful in their academic structure and problem-solving abilities.

Why this stage is important for kids?

Cognitive development is very essential for kids to make out the difference in observations, fetching information, and considering ideas. They also become able to form their own opinions different from others. So in short, we can say that cognitive development is indeed a very essential part of a child’s growing stage as it helps him in developing skills that do impact his adolescence. And this growth defines his road to success in the future. 

2 major advantages of cognitive development

Improves decision-making skills

A major advantage of cognitive development is it lets children become the decision-maker of their own. And this is only possible if they are given proper room to think about their own selves and become competent to combat challenges in their way. In this process, it sharpens their skills of thought process. 

If a child is allowed to play with no pressure or limits, then it gives them full opportunity to grow and develop. In that case, they are motivated to take decisions about their own progress via different approaches. Some of the open-ended play to initiate their cognitive development include storytelling, sorting games, puzzle games, solving riddles, guessing games, group activities, and the expression of words and ideas with images. 

Playing with senses

One of the best ways to improve upon a child’s cognitive skills includes playing tactics with the use of senses like smelling, tasting, hearing, and vision. Schools must initiate outdoor sensory games for children to make them face challenges by spotting colours, and textures, plus recognizing smells. Such activities prove much helpful in enhancing their nerve links. The sensory game activities include games & toys of different textures, playing with wooden blocks, water play, clay modelling, and gardening. 


Cognitive development in children via playing helps them to communicate and understand the language of other kids. They develop a habit of asking questions which improves their vocabulary and sentence structure. All the above activities make their brain strong enough to know their personality, skills, abilities, and communication. All of these help them in shaping their career in future and finding a better job marketplace.

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