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Creative Dissertation Titles Examples in Operations Management

If you’re pursuing a PhD in Operations Management, you must write a dissertation showcasing your field knowledge and ability to conduct independent research. Choosing a strong and creative dissertation title is one of the most important parts of this process. In this blog post, we’ll provide some dissertation titles examples that will inspire you and help you get started on your research.

Before we dive into the examples, it’s worth noting that if you’re struggling to come up with a title or need help with any aspect of your dissertation, there are PHD research proposal writing services that can assist you. These services can provide guidance, feedback, and editing support to ensure your dissertation is polished and professional.

Now, let’s look at some dissertation title examples in Operations Management.

“Lean manufacturing and its impact on supply chain management”

This dissertation title explores the concept of lean manufacturing and its effects on supply chain management. The study could examine how implementing lean manufacturing principles can reduce waste and increase efficiency in the supply chain, as well as how these improvements can ultimately benefit the organisation.

“The Role of quality management in enhancing organisational performance”

Quality management is a critical component of Operations Management, and this dissertation title delves into how it can impact an organisation’s overall performance. The study could explore how quality management principles can be applied across different industries and how they can improve product and service quality, reduce defects, and increase customer satisfaction.

“Optimising inventory management for just-in-time manufacturing.”

This dissertation title focuses on just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, emphasising producing goods only when needed. The study could explore how organisations can optimise their inventory management processes to support JIT manufacturing and improve efficiency.

“The impact of supply chain disruptions on organisational performance”

Supply chain disruptions can significantly impact an organisation’s performance, and this dissertation title looks at how businesses can mitigate the risks associated with these disruptions. The study could examine strategies for managing supply chain disruptions, such as developing contingency plans and building resilient supply chains.

“Analysing the impact of Industry 4.0 on operations management.”

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a term used to describe the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing. This dissertation title explores the impact of Industry 4.0 on operations management, including how it can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

“The Role of Sustainability in supply chain management”

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in Operations Management, and this dissertation title examines its role in supply chain management. The study could explore how organisations can implement sustainable practices throughout their supply chains and how these practices can improve their environmental and social impact.

“Improving service quality through process management.”

Process management is a critical aspect of Operations Management, and this dissertation title focuses on how it can improve service quality. The study could explore how organizations can identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their service delivery processes and continuously use customer feedback to improve service offerings.

“The impact of culture on supply chain management practices”

Culture can significantly impact how organisations approach supply chain management, and this dissertation title examines this relationship. The study could explore how cultural differences impact communication and collaboration within supply chains and how organizations can bridge cultural gaps to improve their supply chain operations.

End Note

These dissertation title examples should give you a sense of the wide range of topics you can explore in Operations Management. Remember that your dissertation title should be unique, creative, and relevant to your research interests. If you’re struggling to develop a title, consider working with ideas and brainstorming with your advisor or peers. You can also draw inspiration from current events, industry trends, or gaps in the existing research.

Once you have a title, it’s important to ensure that it’s clear and concise, accurately reflects the scope of your research, and appeals to your target audience. You’ll also need to ensure that your dissertation title meets any formatting or style requirements your institution sets.

In addition to finding dissertation title examples, you’ll also need to write a strong research proposal that outlines the objectives, methodology, and potential outcomes of your research. A PHD research proposal writing service can help you with this task by providing guidance on structuring your proposal, developing your research questions, and refining your methodology.


Writing a dissertation is challenging but rewarding, and choosing a strong and creative title is an important first step. By exploring different topics, brainstorming with others, and working with a PHD research proposal writing service, you can develop a dissertation title that reflects your research interests, showcases your expertise, and captures your readers’ attention.

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