8 Anime That Focus On Basic Life Skills

In the realm of anime, a vast majority of shows, regardless of their genre, strive to convey a meaningful message. Among them, certain series revolve around protagonists who embark on transformative journeys, acquiring essential life lessons and valuable skills along the way.

However, these profound insights aren’t solely reserved for advancing the plot; the audience, too, has much to gain and learn alongside their beloved characters. Once one stumbles upon life hacks, their true value becomes apparent, leaving the person to ponder how they managed to survive without this revolutionary wisdom.

Fortunately, in the world of anime, numerous humorous characters are present to lend a hand with their own tidbits of advice, making everyday life not only more tolerable but also highly entertaining.

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8: Financial Efficiency And Culinary Skills: Campfire Cooking In Another World

Although Mukohda Tsuyoshi may not possess the culinary prowess of a real-world MasterChef, he has a remarkable talent for crafting delectable and budget-friendly meals that would make any unsuspecting Isekai character or average person’s mouth water.

Even among discerning anime food enthusiasts with high standards, his creations are visually enticing and utterly tempting. Blessed with the seemingly inconsequential ability of Online Shopping, Mukohda wastes no time in harnessing this power to its fullest potential.

Through his resourcefulness, he uncovers advantageous loopholes and maximises his limited funds to create an array of delightful feasts. Not only does he astound others with his culinary creations, but he also generously shares step-by-step guides on preparing each delectable dish.

In this unexpected journey, our unlikely hero ascends the social ladder, captivating hearts and minds with his revitalising recipes.

7: Gratitude And Independence: Kotaro Lives Alone

At first glance, one might assume that Kotaro Lives Alone is a childcare guide. However, this seemingly innocent child continually surprises with profoundly wise words that tug at the heartstrings while simultaneously inspiring.

Each episode of this enlightening series presents multiple life lessons, including the significance of independence balanced with knowing when to seek assistance, the concept that family is what one creates, and the power of offering kind words of encouragement.

Kotaro also imparts valuable insights on the importance of eloquent and articulate language, as well as the detrimental effects of people-pleasing. This thought-provoking and emotionally stirring show is an absolute must-watch, leaving no room for regret.

6: Running A Household With A Clear Mind: Way Of The Househusband

Once filled with days consumed by bloodshed and intimidation tactics, Tatsu Kuroda has now settled down, entrusting the role of breadwinner to his beloved wife. With this significant change in his life, it is time for him to reassess his priorities and forge a new path.

In the present day, the former “Immortal” Yakuza enforcer showcases his impressive culinary skills, meticulous cleanliness, and knack for securing the best bargains at the supermarket.

However, beneath this composed exterior, Tatsu grapples with the lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his turbulent street days. Despite his personal struggles.

He approaches every mundane task with unwavering dedication, using each opportunity to impart valuable lessons to the impressionable Masa, as well as the viewers, on the nuances of managing a household.

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5: Self-Care And Healthy Habits: ONMAI! I’m Now Your Sister!

Although it may seem like Mahiro Oyama’s story is primarily a guide on “how to be a girl,” many of the lessons derived from her journey are actually gender-neutral and relevant to a wide range of viewers.

The primary motive behind Miss Mihari’s transformative scientific intervention is to assist her brother in embracing life and taking responsibility for himself. As he was headed for a bleak future as a NEET.

Mahiro’s “rebirth” entails engaging in various beneficial side quests, such as improving personal hygiene, getting sufficient sunlight and exercise, practising basic decorum, and cultivating self-love. These quests offer valuable insights that extend beyond gender boundaries and can be applied by anyone seeking personal growth and development.

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4: Romantic Expectations And People Skills: More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers

Understanding how to create an environment of safety and love for one’s significant other may come instinctively to a few individuals. However, Jirō’s school adopts a more proactive approach to imparting these particular social skills through a mandatory couples training course, aiming to preemptively address any potential issues that could arise.

Jirō Yakuin and Akari Watanabe, like their classmates, unexpectedly find themselves sharing a home and burdened with the obligations that accompany their pretend relationship. As they navigate this situation under the watchful eyes of others, this mismatched pair of lovebirds strives to learn how to embody the role of the perfect partner.

Whether through trial and error or through receiving valuable guidance from each other, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring what it takes to create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

3: Childcare And Conscientiousness: Yakuza’s Guide To Babysitting

Very few things have the power to make the “Demon of Sakuragi” tremble in his boots, but being solely responsible for a tiny human being certainly does the trick! Toru Kirishima is known for his “act first, think later” approach, often neglecting to consider the consequences of his impulsive choices.

However, his recklessness is starting to have negative effects on the Yakuza organisation. To remedy this, Yaeka Sakuragi is brought in to give this gangster an intensive crash course in babysitting strategies.

Having the young child in his care inspires Kirishima to adopt a more thoughtful and courteous demeanour, encouraging him to contemplate the potential repercussions of his actions before taking any rash steps.

2: Resourcefulness And Gardening Skills: Farming Life In Another World

After surely learning a valuable lesson about meddling with destiny and vowing to be more attentive to details in the future, God receives the best guidance on the efficient upkeep and growth of a vegetable garden from Hiraku Machio.

Drawing from his extraordinary experience of reincarnation, Hiraku shares invaluable advice on how to effectively maintain and cultivate a thriving vegetable garden. His insights and expertise prove to be a valuable resource for those seeking to maximise their gardening endeavours.

Although the average person may not possess the extraordinary advantage of a Universal Farming Tool from an Isekai world, the fundamental principles of farming still apply when it comes to cultivating wholesome, home-grown ingredients.

Conveniently, Hiraku not only imparts essential farming techniques but also provides cooking lessons to ensure the best use of these ingredients. Furthermore, Hiraku delves into alternative building methods and imparts general survival skills. Preparing individuals for unexpected situations when finding themselves stranded in the wilderness.

1: Carpentry, Crafts, And Construction: Do It Yourself!

For the clumsiest kid who boasts a flawless attendance record despite bearing the wounds to prove it, the ideal place to be is undoubtedly the school’s sick bay.However, in a surprising twist, Serufu Yua finds herself in the DIY Club’s danger zone instead.

Serufu, known for her daydreaming tendencies, discovers a newfound fascination while observing Rei Yasaku’s creation process using raw materials and ingenious tools. Alongside their fellow awkward companions.

This unique group of girls embarks on a journey to master self-reliance and a diverse range of handyman skills. From woodwork to mosaics, planning and designing, basic construction, and even mass product creation, they delve into the intricacies of each craft, fostering creativity and resilience along the way.

Final Words

These eight anime series provide valuable insights into basic life skills, guiding viewers through relatable experiences and emphasising the importance of personal growth, hard work, and meaningful relationships.

By combining entertainment with educational messages, these shows offer a refreshing and enlightening perspective on essential aspects of life. Whether you are seeking entertainment or looking to gain valuable life lessons, these anime are certainly worth exploring.

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